Funeral Arrangements A complete funeral arrangement service with personal care

The most important part is that we take the time to arrange it together to fit the wishes of your family and loved ones.
Overview of our services:
Coordinate the service and clergy. 
Wether it is held in a church, funeral home, synagogue, temple, cemetery, crematory, mausoleum or other places you may wish to do the service, we will make it happen. We have a wide range of locations to offer and relations with several clergies. 
Certificates and permits
Procuring the death certificate and burial or cremation permit.
Classified death notice and obituaries
We assist you in writing and placing classified death notices in newspapers and composing the obituaries which also get posted online. Our the years we have a wide range of notices and obituaries for ideas inspiration.
Burial space, cemetery
Coordinating all the arrangements regarding burial space with cemetery. 
Flower design and memorial banners
We work with several florists and have a wide variety of samples of flower arrangements.
Casket, burial valts and urns. 
We can provide everything from custom built caskets to more standard and exclusive designs from our suppliers of of caskets. Closed, half open or fully open with a wide range of interior and exterior options. We also provide arrangement of burial vaults.  
Apparel and make up
We provide the whole apparel and make up. We can use personal clothing or provide with appropriate choices of clothing.
Pallbearers and transport
We have our own experienced pallbearers and offer transport in car and can even offer a wide range of privately owned horse carriages. 
Donations and prayer cards
Before, during and after the service we assist with collecting the donations and provide a wide range of prayer cards.
Music, quires and singers
We can help with arranging music, musicians, organists and quires to perform during the service from soloists to the Harlem Gospel quire.
Cremations and urns 
We offer cremation services and a wide range of urns.
International shipping
On of our specialties is international shipping of caskets. We will provide you with full quotes in advance of the transport and arrange with the local funeral agency.
Other personalized services
We want to do everything we can to make this as a special and unique service as we can. So please don’t hesitate to contact us for discussing how we can make this last event the most unique for you, your family and friends. 
Lets us know what you would like and we will make it happen.
Maria-Ray Guido
Funeral agent Maria-Ray Guido
Funeral agent Maria-Ray Guido
Flower arrangement and wake from a Norwegian service.
Flower arrangement and wake from a Norwegian service.
We have a wide selection of horse carriages to your disposal.
We have a wide selection of horse carriages to your disposal.

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